“In all of my dealings with Misha I have found her to be extremely efficient and easy to work with. All interactions are made easier by her friendly manner and professional attitude. She has been an invaluable addition to my business, with quick turnaround of tasks and a can do attitude.”

Freya Macken

Investment Manager

Aurelius Investments Limted

“Elite have done an outstanding job of assisting me with my growing business. I would now be lost without them. They were able to cater to my business style and personalise their approach to suit my business. Elite are flexible, approachable, efficient and a dream to work with. At this stage in my business I am not in need of full time admin staff. Elite are exactly what I required.”

Jenny Wilson


Wilson Physiotherapy

“Having worked with Misha for almost 5 years, I can affirm that she is an excellent EA. She is warm, professional and incredibly organised. She is reliable and always thinking one step ahead, which certainly helps to take the pressure off the team’s workload and enable more of their time to be spent with clients. Misha has been an invaluable member of the team over the years and I could not rate her highly enough.”

Will Stamp


Inspirit Capital

“I have been working with Misha for almost six years and can recommend her without hesitation. She is always professional, committed, structured and thinking ahead. She was “saving the day” more than once with her calm demeanour and skill to solve problems quickly. Above all, it is always a pleasure to work with her.”

Tobias Bayer

Investment Professional

Agilitas Private Equity