Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

With the current COVID-19 pandemic causing many jobs to be furloughed and some made redundant, there has never been a better time to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Even though many small business, entrepreneurs and large companies have been forced to reduce their on-site staff numbers. It doesn’t mean there isn’t work that needs to be done.

Virtual Assistants can dramatically help almost any business grow, they can contribute toward keeping companies afloat and help create marketplace competition.

Hiring a virtual assistant can increase a company’s resilience ensuring they come out the other side unscathed.

Business savvy companies will be ready, waiting and already place ahead of their competitors when the economy starts to pick up again.

Virtual Assistants are a great asset to many businesses, particularly when integrated correctly. Many people believe they only need a VA for a few hours here and there, however there are so many tasks that can be delegated to a VA.

VA’s not only save company’s significant costs. A good one will also be knowledgeable, experienced, efficient, dedicated and highly motivated people.

Virtual assistant’s run their own businesses; they want to do an outstanding job for their clients.

What do Virtual Assistants do?

Virtual Assistants work on a contract or retainer basis for your business. You can hire them to work a set number of hours each week or month, or for the length of one specific project.

Virtual Assistants can be hired to help with almost any task, from answering emails to finding you a new office.

They can help with administrative tasks that eat up your valuable time, they can even take care of more technical projects such as bookkeeping or design work, where a full-time employee might not be necessary.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are particularly helpful for small business owners, busy professionals and entrepreneurs looking to skyrocket their careers. The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are:

  • Save money – VA’s are a cost-effective solution. You only pay for what you need.
  1. NO Employment Obligations
  2. NO Set Up Fees
  3. NO Agency Fees
  4. NO Sickness or Holiday Pay
  • Free up time – You can hand over all the tasks that you don’t enjoy. Leaving you more time to focus on the jobs that matter the most.
  • Get more done – Virtual Assistants are highly experienced and organised; they focus on delivery and outcome. Whilst you are busy with meetings, they can be working on scheduling your diary and other tasks you never thought you would have time for.
  • Reduce Stress – An experienced Virtual Assistant will be able to take away many tasks from you. They will take on admin tasks you would normally be doing in the evenings and on weekends when you should be relaxing.
  • No geographical restrictions – VA’s assist businesses and individuals worldwide. You can contact them from anywhere at any time. As long as they make themselves available to you.

When Should you Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Most people think “I can do that better myself.” And whilst that might be true, it doesn’t make each and every task worthy of your time and attention.

You are ready to hire a VA when:

  • You don’t need full time help

You shouldn’t hire a VA in place of a full-time employee. Instead of putting strain on your company and your virtual assistant, you could hire a virtual assistant for small tasks and one-off projects that don’t require a salaried employee.

  • You have a list of tasks you complete regularly

If you spend 30 minutes a week filling out an expense claim, 40 minutes a week trying to book travel, 90 minutes a day replying to emails. Make a list and you will be amazed at how much time these little tasks take away from your week – and how often the same tasks keep on popping up.  

  • You know the process like the back of your hand

You should be familiar with the tasks you’re assigning to your virtual assistant. Your goal is to get the small boring time-consuming tasks off of your plate, these should be the tasks you complete regularly. This will help when you’re hiring a virtual assistant as you can train them to do the job thoroughly.

  • You have (or don’t have) the money

Only hire help when your revenue stream can support it. Don’t stretch your budget.

On the flip-side, if you have enough money for part-time help but not for a full time assistant for your business, then a virtual assistant offers the flexibility of hours to accommodate what you can afford.

What Work Should You be Hiring Virtual Assistants for first?

Many people are unsure of what they need to hire a virtual assistant for first. Ideally, you want to make the most of your time and grow your business.

You should get started by making a list. Write down every single task that you do. Literally everything, replying to emails, posting on social media, answering calls, fulfilling customer orders, reconciling invoices. Everything.

Once you’re happy that you’ve written all of your tasks down, you should order them from easiest to hardest.

Easiest being the most mundane and repetitive tasks that you could easily delegate to someone else who has the right amount of experience.

Once you’ve ordered your list from easiest to hardest, look at the task that you’ve put at the top. Anyone should be able to perform this task with the proper understanding of the process and a little bit of experience.

This will be where you start, this is the first task that you should hire a virtual assistant for.

It really is that simple.

As the business owner, it might take you a while to step away from the business and understand how valuable your time is.

But once you’ve pin pointed the work you can offload on to your virtual assistant you can concentrate on growing your business.

Why Should We Hire You as a Virtual Assistant?

The Elite Virtual Assistant is a cost effective solution for your day to day tasks allowing you to focus your time where it’s needed. We strive to help grow your business.

With over a decade of experience there’s no job too big or too small. We provide executive assistance, administrative and secretarial support for entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals across all industries.

We pride ourselves on our dependability, and the ability to be self starters.

Once we know more about your goals and values, we will be comfortable working independently on projects and tasks that will benefit your business. We will make suggestions for how to better manage your projects and will always make ourselves available for business discussions.

If you want to free up your time, save money, get more done and reduce stress. Then you need us.

Let us help you unleash your true potential.

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